Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Absolute Proof of Joanna Schoep's Black Daughter!

UPDATE: Joanna has deleted her Classmates page so the link mentioned below will not work. BUT RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! we saved screen shots of her page so that the world will know.

Some people are so amazingly stupid that you can show them multitudes of evidence and they still reject the ultimate conclusion. We have gathered a collection of facts that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Joanna Schoep is a vile race-mixing bitch. Still certain people make excuses in a vain attempt to explain away what cannot be explained. Others prefer to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the facts that we will present....

We have gathered ironclad evidence! Absolute proof that the mixed-race child Amber Smith is Joanna Schoep's daughter!

In 2002, way before she became an alleged nazi, Joanna Schoep created an account with You can only view her account directly by becoming a member and searching for Joanna Tazzia. We have saved screen shots from the site. Here is the most damming evidence we have seen so far: a picture from of Joanna sitting right next to her black daughter Amber, while they were visiting Kentucky!

Joanna and her two girlies!! Puke!

Here are the actual screen shots from Joanna Tazzia's 2002 classmates account:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet the NSM Headquarters-

Here is the little "love nest" that mixed race Joanna Smith
bedded down with Raymond Smith to bang-out Amber Schoep....
Ooops! we mean Amber Smith! Our apologizes....

Sunday, April 25, 2010


We are still awaiting the actual certified copies to be delivered, Via US mail, of Joanna Schoep's Marriage certificate to the very African Raymond Smith. Meanwhile, we decided to do a paid Intellius search on home location of Raymond. Not only does Intellus list Joanna Smith as a relative of nigger Raymond Smith, but it lists his current home address as the same as Joanna's! Joanna and the nigger lived together in Eastpointe for many years while raising the mistake called Amber Smith. But don't take our word for it, do your own research!

Young coon Amber is now 14 & a freshman. She attends Fordson High School, 13800 Ford Road in Dearborn Michigan.

Joanna has now fully deleted her profile on the NSM owned website New(jew) Saxon. The total deletion of this account looks very guilty. She probably had too many people harassing her online about her vile nigger-facking ways! The recent NSM nationals had only six pictures posted online and none of them were of Joanna. Jeff is trying to hide his slut!

One of Joanna's biggest liars is NSM member Cin from Missouri. This very unattractive female(almost as ugly as Joanna) is a full-blown devil worshipper and member of the Joy of Satan. She is married to a man in prison. Rumor has it she "sleeps around" on him. We have more on this jewel of a woman, but for now this is enough.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This blog recently hit NSM website New Saxon! Of course they took it down, but it will return! The NSM have been busy telling members multiple lies in a weak attempt to hide the truth. The truth is that the commander's wife was married to a coon for over nine years! We are awaiting the marriage certificate of Raymond Smith and Joanna Tazzia. The certified copies are being sent via US mail. Expect the NSM lie machine to say this is all some Jewish conspiracy, their lies are so transparent.

If you really want a copy for yourself we suggest you call:

Lucas County Probate Court
The Honorable Jack R. Puffenberger
700 Adams St.
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Phone # 419-213-4775

When you call, tell them you would like some information on Marriage Records. They will then direct you to the right person. Tell them your looking for Raymond Smith and Joanna Tazz
ia's marriage record. They may ask you when they were married. You can gather that information from this blog. From there they will confirm they have the information in their system. If you want they will send you a copy for a low fee. Or you can wait until we receive our copies. The marriage record will be scanned and posted on this blog so the world can finally see the truth!

Joanna has been into niggers for a long time. born and raised in Detroit Michigan, a major US city with one of the the highest black populations in the country, she was constantly exposed to niggers while growing up. Her friends were mostly niggers and she grew-up appreciating the shitskin lifestyle. We recently came across one of Joanna's old networking profiles. It seems she has been into niggers for along time! The profile was made in 2006!

Under the about me section she has a graphic of "Pimp". So tell me if you were really a White Nationalist would you have a "Pimp" graphic on your profile? This is just more evidence of her nigger loving ways.

Don't go to the NSM looking for answers, all you will find is lies. All they can do is lie, no excuse will justify race-treason. Do you think they are going to tell the truth? The fact is Jeff is a step-father to a mixed-race coon child. I guess his real white children weren't good enough for him, he abandoned them for a muddy looking woman who married a nigger and produced a mixed race niglet!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010




We are hearing rumors that the NSM commander will be attacked at nationals by his own members!! Info provided suggests that they plan to confront the vermin for his lies and race treason. Not to mention the fact that Jeffie's address is all over the internet. Jeff regularly lied about being for "race and nation" while in reality he is for "race-mixing & vacationing in the nation of mexico". Now he is rallying in LA to protest mexican invaders? Key NSM members are severely pissed that they have been shitted on by the great commander poop.

According to a comment left at a popular blog site:

"Jeff should be afraid. Most of his membership wants his head on a platter for screwing that nigger-screwing whore. Jeff should be worrying about his own membership giving him a hardcore boot-party. He could be murdered in LA next week by skinheads extracting vengeance for his race-treason. NSM members are so pissed, the ones I know answer jeff's calls and act like everything is fine. But they got something planned! Stay home Jeff!"

It would be a fitting end to commander race-mixer: murdered at the hands of his own followers! Perhaps someone will do the entire movement a great favor and put an end to this sickening filth! Rumors are rumors, we have no evidence of a criminal plot,
but we pray for it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Joanna Schoep, the wife of leader of the America's largest Neo-Nazi organization has plenty of skeletons in her closet. The following facts are indisputable and verifiable simply by searching public records. We spent dozens of hours investigating to bring you the complete truth about Joanna Tazzia-Smith-Schoep.

It was recently outed that Joanna had a mixed race child, Amber from a previous marriage.
image was extracted from one of the dumb POKEYMON videos posted playing with her friends. But who was the black father? A search on Intelius lists Raymond A smith as a relative of Joanna Tazzia & vice Versa.

We discovered from one of her former associates that Joanna's Madien name is Tazzia.

Next, we did simple search for marriage licenses online and discovered Joanna's secret that's as dark as an African jungle. Accessing our account at we searched for Joanna Tazzia. She married darkie Smith on 1-25-1994 in Lucas Ohio. The Ohio Department of Vital records will send anyone(for a fee) a copy of their marriage certificate. The muddy facts are undeniable: Joanna Smith's (maiden name Tazzia) first marriage was to the very black Raymond A. smith of Eastpointe Michigan.

Interestingly enough, we can find no record anywhere that Joanna Smith was legally married NSM commander Jeff Schoep. Nor can we find any record that Joanna even divorced her nigger husband!

How did we discover that Raymond was black? By spending hours reading youtube comments left by family and friends of Amber Smith. We investigated Amber's associates. One of young Amber's video subscribers was Michelle Smith. The pieces in this very muddy shitskin puzzle slowly began to fit together.

Amber had audio on a video which is obviously from Raymond's current wife with the youtube username: "Michelle1977". The voices were the exact same as others heard on Michelle's videos. Our team soon found a youtube video of Raymond Anthony Smith on Michelle's account. The video was of Raymond playing with his latest mixed-race child with the same name. A still of the video was extracted for the following image:

Further searches discovered that Ray is not a poor nagger, he's co-owner of a Detroit house painting Company:

Ray A Smith Painting & Decorating Inc
15117 Charlevoix St, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230.
Telephone: 313-821-5240


Joanna should have known to cover her tracks better but she never was very bright. She always used the same user-name "Germanbabe14" for various accounts online. She used to have a youtube account. From there she left comments on Amber’s youtube "luckeypikachu" page. Amber’s friend recorded several videos featuring Amber. We discovered this was Amber because the youtube tags featured Amber’s user-name. Also on one of the videos Amber’s user-name was typed at the top of the video making it so very easy... When blog about amber went online those videos were quickly deleted. These people are simple, predictable and easy to expose.

We have ordered a copy of the actual Smith Marriage license from the Ohio Department of Vital records. After receiving the marriage certificate from Ohio it will immediately be scanned and put online. Meanwhile, we invite those few remaining NSM members to examine our research, do you own investigations & accept the facts of race-treason.

Joanna married a chimpskin & squeezed out a mixed-race turd. These facts are publc information available to anyone with the patience and intelligence to extract it. Joanna "Schoep" is a vile race mixer. This beast of a woman has bedded-down with NSM commander Jeff Schoep, the leader of America's largest Neo-Nazi organization, A.K.A. the National Socialist Movement. If you fack a nagger facker you become no better than a nagger.

The few remaining NSM members need to throughly examine these facts, resign their membership, and avoid these lying, race-mixing hypocrites like the black plague!